Slow start for Nokia’s music plan

Nokia’s all-inclusive Comes With Music mobile service has been much slower to attract UK consumers than expected, according to an industry consultancy.

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Mobile Operators to share

The government may intervene in a dispute between UK mobile operators over the way spectrum is allocated.

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Skype on the Iphone but not quite!

Skype has said that iPhone users will be able to use its internet telephony service to make calls, but only using wi-fi and not the mobile network.

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Firms ‘miss’ huge social site success

Businesses are missing out on the huge potential that social networks present, a leading information technology company has warned.

Researchers for Gartner found that huge opportunities for improving the management of large firms exist.


‘Lower prices’ boost mobile data

Price cuts and the popularity of 3G are prompting Europeans to use mobile data like never before, says a survey.

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I Phone 2 launch due to be announced!

The launch of Apple’s second generation of its iPhone device is espected in San Francisco this week at the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference.

Analysts predict the new iPhone will have faster 3G wireless connectivity after the original was widely criticised for its much slower 2G connectivity.


Apple has sold more than five million iPhones since June last year and the firm says it is on course to sell 10m iPhones by the end of 2008. Raising its share of the global market (currently 5%)is a key target. It is also anticipated that the company will allow mobile network partners to subsidise the cost of the iPhone to achieve this aim by reducing the cost to teh consumer dramatically!

‘Txting and Ltrcy’ – expert says it’s great!

Text messaging has sometimes had a bad press, with some commentators calling it a ‘linguistic disaster’ and predicting ‘the end of literacy as we know it’. At Bangor Univesity this month, David Crystal, professor of linguistics at Bangor University,  discusses the origins and motivations lying behind texting, dispels the myths surrounding it, and draws on numerous studies to illustrate its linguistic reality. Texting turns out to be not as revolutionary as people think: the distinctive abbreviations have in fact a long history. His conclusion is that, far from being a disaster, text messaging actually helps rather than hinders literacy. Read more….

New spectrum to improve health

More radio spectrum will need to be released to cater for breakthroughs in healthcare and transport, said Ofcom.

In a report focused on the future use of wireless, the regulator identified hundreds of new applications. They include wireless devices which monitor health and radio frequency ID tags on food products that allow allergy sufferers to shop more safely. Read more

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Vodafone targets social networking fans

Vodafone is to offer unlimited internet access as a standard feature of its new monthly mobile price plans, driven by an increasing amount of people accessing social networking sites and email from their phones.

The Newbury-based group is the first mobile phone operator in the UK to offer the unlimited deal with all its monthly tariffs, although O2 currently offers an unlimited deal for its iPhone customers.

Vodafone hopes the new flat rate policy will fuel use of the internet on mobiles, as operators search for additional ways to generate revenue in a saturated market.

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Nokia plan for 4G!

Nokia, the world’s largest handset manufacturer, has persuaded Sony Ericsson, NEC and Alacatel-Lucent to join it in developing plans for a 4G wireless system.

The companies will work together to develop the emerging mobile standard, called Long Term Evolution (LTE).

LTE, could be set to become a direct competitor to Wimax, which is currently being developed by Intel.

The first LTE networks are to be trialled in the US and China but it will be some time before it reaches UK shores.

Compared to 3G, LTE offers a greater distance and potentially faster rates.

Nokia and its partners see LTE as the logical evolution of 3G systems. ”

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