Hi-tech aims to improve lifestyle

Facebook, mobile phones, and energy meters are helping to see if people can be nudged into living healthier lives.

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Tehran blocks access to Facebook

Iran has blocked access to social networking site Facebook ahead of June’s presidential elections, Iran’s Ilna news agency and web users say.

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Hackers ‘launch attack’ on Facebook

Facebook has been working to clean up its site after its 200 million members were targeted by hackers.

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Facebook users say yes to changes

Facebook users have voted to back changes which give them control over data and content they post on the site.

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Google is to become all social!

Google is to make the web more social by introducing tools that will enable people to interact with their friends.

Friend Connect follows plans announced last week by the world’s two biggest social networking sites, MySpace and Facebook.

Data Availability and Connect let users move their personal profiles and applications to other websites.

“Social is in the air,” says Google’s director of engineering David Glazer.

During a conference call at Google’s California headquarters, Mr Glazer told reporters: “Google Friend Connect is about being the ‘long tail’ of sites becoming more social.”

“Many sites aren’t explicitly social and don’t necessarily want to be social networks, but they still benefit from letting their visitors interact with each other. That used to be hard.”

Google’s Open Social will allow third parties to build and develop applications for the site.

“Social networking is going mainstream. It used to be proprietary, but now it’s going to be open and baked into the infrastructure of the net, not just one site or one source,” says Mr Glazer.

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Facebook founder apology over ads

The founder of social networking site Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has apologised to users for the way it launched a social advertising system. Called Beacon, the system tracks web shopping on partner sites outside Facebook and then sells adverts to the social network based on purchases. Read the full story from the BBC website.

MySpace backs Google’s anti-Facebook play

MySpace has embraced the OpenSocial APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), a means of building applications for all sorts of social networking sites that aren’t Facebook. Bebo has joined the mix as well. More.