A new report from independent market analyst Datamonitor reveals that the number of people participating in online social networking (OSN) is booming. The UK has the highest membership in Europe and it is forecast to almost triple by 2012 to 27 million. Social media provide consumers with the opportunities to enhance existing relationships and create new ones. Interaction is a key factor in a network’s success, as shown by the success of sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, which encourage user-generated content. While the trend is driven by the younger age groups, many older generations are also being drawn to social media. Read more

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Adobe opens up Flash on mobiles

Adobe has announced a plan to try to get its Flash player installed on more mobile devices and set-top boxes. Dubbed Open Screen the initiative lifts restrictions on how its multimedia handling software can be used. Adobe will stop charging licencing fees for mobile versions of Flash and plans to publish information about the inner workings of the code.  Read more

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Vodafone targets social networking fans

Vodafone is to offer unlimited internet access as a standard feature of its new monthly mobile price plans, driven by an increasing amount of people accessing social networking sites and email from their phones.

The Newbury-based group is the first mobile phone operator in the UK to offer the unlimited deal with all its monthly tariffs, although O2 currently offers an unlimited deal for its iPhone customers.

Vodafone hopes the new flat rate policy will fuel use of the internet on mobiles, as operators search for additional ways to generate revenue in a saturated market.

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